Peter Marcus moved from journalism to cannabis communications after more than a decade covering politics.


By Jensen Werley — 

BOULDER — Terrapin Care Station, a national cannabis company, has launched, a cannabis information site.

The website is meant to be a resource for those in the industry, journalists, policymakers, community groups and the general public.

“The goal of this website is not to speak for the cannabis industry, but to offer cannabis-related current events with an accompanying perspective to highlight the significance of the event,” Peter Marcus, communications director for Terrapin Care Station and editor of, said in a prepared statement.

He added that as the cannabis industry matures, the need to understand it has increased. The website will keep track of events around the industry while helping those outside it understand policy implications, what’s going on in the industry and how the cannabis industry can serve the community.

Categories on the site include “politics,” “opioid crisis,” “industry” and “fake news,” which will analyze what opponents of the industry are saying. The political section will examine the intersection of politics and cannabis, the opioid crisis section will include information on how the cannabis industry can provide safer alternatives and the industry section will include what’s going on in the world of marijuana.

“One of the reasons we hired Peter after a long career in political and government journalism is we knew he would be able to communicate complex cannabis-related issues in a way that makes sense to the general public,” Chris Woods, founder, owner and chief executive of Terrapin Care Station, said in a prepared statement. “It’s not always easy to understand the impact and significance of events that effect [sic] the cannabis industry. We hope The News Station helps connect the dots.”