The Terrapin Care Station (TCS) team just got back from Eugene, Ore., and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the connections we made out there.

As the Register-Guard pointed out, TCS has been busy “planting local roots.”

Our trip was well timed, following a story that incorrectly stated that Terrapin Care Station was purchasing a prominent downtown Eugene building to construct a cannabis superstore. No, TCS is not purchasing 1 E. Broadway. But it is locating nearby at 835 E. Park St. in the Park Blocks. We hope to open a retail cannabis store in August.

Ahead of TCS’ trip, we heard that there were concerns about cannabis taking over downtown. We also heard that local and state elected officials had not yet seen how a cannabis business operates. We decided it would be wise to take these officials on a cultivation tour to answer any questions.

TCS also met with the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce, organizers with the St. Vincent­ de Paul Youth House, local media, Downtown Eugene Merchants, Downtown Eugene, Inc., and the Downtown Neighborhood Association. We learned a lot about perception and reality, and what the community needs and desires. We reenforced what it takes to set yourself apart as a model for what a good cannabis company looks like.

Terrapin Care Station would like to start a “race to the top” in Eugene and throughout all of Oregon, where headlines about the cannabis industry have been marred by underage sales, unsustainable price wars and inadequate regulations. TCS understands that Eugene doesn’t want to be defined by the cannabis industry. But we also understand that its residents would like to see cannabis play a role in the community. What TCS would like to do is strike a balance.

Over the coming weeks and months TCS will continue to work with the Eugene community to develop ways in which we can better inform its residents and leaders as to what is happening with the cannabis industry. We will continue to make outreach a priority as we identify initiatives and projects to help the entire Eugene community.