A new study released by CU Boulder finally concludes what we’ve always wondered. No, marijuana does NOT make you lazy.

The study found that 8 out of 10 marijuana users in states where cannabis is legal partake in the drug shortly before, or after exercise.

Flavie Dokken is an ultra-marathon runner, meaning it’s not uncommon for her to run 30 miles or more in a single day,reported Fox 31 Denver. The army veteran is now a regular user of cannabis, both before, during, and after her runs.

“It’s one of the tools that helps you overcome whatever you need to overcome, whether it’s energy, or pain,” she says.

Researchers at CU surveyed 600 adult marijuana users in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, asking if they used cannabis before, and after working out.

82 percent said yes, with an additional 70% of co-users saying it increased their enjoyment of exercise.

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