by Brian Sheehan Thursday, February 22nd 2018


William White served in Afghanistan for nine months.

When he returned, he says he had a hard time finding a job.

“People kind of support the troops until they get home. I think people are afraid of P.T.S.D., and people that have it are just regular people. They may have some problems, but I think most of them deal with it internally and not externally,” White said.

But Colorado based Terrapin Care Station is hoping to change that.

The company is one of 12 to receive a medical cannabis grower and processing license in Pennsylvania.

At Thursday’s job fair at a V-F-W in Lock Haven, they made it clear they’re looking to hire veterans to work at their new facility in Pine Creek Township.

It’s scheduled to open later this year.

“They’re loyal people, they’re adaptable people, they’re resourceful people, you know, things they have learned in the service,” Chris Woods, Terrapin Care Station C.E.O., said.

Company leaders say they plan to hire about 30 percent of local veterans to work at their 40,000 square foot facility.

White tells us it’s a budding industry so he wants to get in while it’s still young.

“It’s probably the most help medicine since there aren’t side-effects. Opioids turned out to be a bust. They weren’t good for you. And now it’s a huge epidemic and I think this is the solution to that,” White said.

“It’s my understanding that this community has a higher incidents of unemployment amongst veterans. So, it’s a composition of what the community is,” Woods added.

White hopes to make a difference for his fellow veterans.

“If cannabis can help bring that number from 22 vets suicides a day down to anything below that, that’s a significant difference to me,” Woods said.

In addition to Colorado, the company also operates a facility in Eugene, Oregon.