The Denver Post Editorial Board recently opined that “Denver should re-think the overly strict rules for social marijuana venues.”

It’s clear that the process has been long and convoluted, weighed down by uncertainty in state law and overall direction.

Terrapin Care Station will be supporting an effort at the state level to address the issue, thereby offering greater certainty to local governments. If passed by the Colorado Legislature, the effort would take a huge leap towards implementing a free market entrepreneurial approach to social marijuana consumption.

As the Denver Post Editorial Board pointed out, “We supported the 2016 ballot measure that created the (Denver social use) pilot because it seeks to solve obvious problems for tourists and residents who wish to enjoy the drug much like others are allowed to enjoy beer, wine and spirits. State law forbids public use. State and local governments have been slow to craft rules of their own.”

Perhaps it’s time for the state legislature to take action so that local governments can feel a greater sense of certainty?