A quick point of clarification from us over at Terrapin Care Station.

We are backing a CANNABIS tasting rooms bill in Colorado, not a bill to allow CANNIBALS access to tasting rooms. We promise.

The confusion came Tuesday evening during the 9 p.m. broadcast of Fox31’s evening newscast in Denver. A headline (had to have been an autocorrect error) stated, “Bill would allow cannibals tasting rooms.”

We’re being tongue-in-cheek here, people. No, there hasn’t been confusion over the headline. Everyone knows it’s a mistake, and we haven’t had to do any damage control down in the legislature. At least we hope the great General Assembly in all of its wisdom knows there’s no effort afoot to legalize cannibal tasting rooms. Though, one might read the headline, “Who is this Bill, and why does he want to allow tasting rooms for cannibals?”

Our condolences to the good people over at Fox31. It’s an upstanding outfit that made a mistake. We hope graphics had a good laugh over it.

If you’re interested in House Bill 1258, which would offer a measured approach to implementing cannabis hospitality, then read here: http://www.thenewsstation.com/bipartisan-colorado-bill-would-allow-cannabis-tasting-rooms/. 

In the meantime, check out 9News all-star Kyle Clark take a jab at his competition over the error.